Got a Sticker Get a Sticker

Want a free and most awesome NFDotNet sticker? Just send us one from your user group, microsoft, other other tech related cool sticker. We'll scan it and stick it on this page and mail you a NFDotNet Sticker.

Send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope along with your sticker to exchange to:

North Florida .NET User Group
Attn: Sticker Mania
Po Box 3546
Lake City, Fl 32056-3546

Please make sure to send a standard #10 envelope with a stamp so we can return to you one of our stickers. Without the SASE we can only scan and place your sticker here. All stickers are subject to approval and may not be placed on the page.

Here is a photo of our very cool NFDotNet Sticker. It will arrive printed on Photo Tex which is a repositionable non-descructive adhesive material. You can put it on anything then take it off and move it somewhere else. It's very cool.

The logo and sticker were designed and printed by our friends at Eyespike Design

sticker is about 4" square

You can also buy a sticker or two if you prefer. All donations go towards pizza and soda for our meetings.